Brandy And Ray J x Basketball Wives x What Chilli Wants

I'm not one to watch reality shows, but last night, after all the hype, I had to check these joints out... and I must say, Vh1 has a season of great Sunday night shows lined up.

Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business.. This episode basically Ray J as a mama's boy and that Brandy wants to rap. Oh and that she throws shade on everyone she seems to introduce..

What Chilli Wants.. The show features Chilli from TLC and a relationship advice expert Tionna Smalls... I have the utmost respect for Tionna because she started out blogging (like me!). Towards the end of the episode you see that some 'diva' stuff goes down, but from whom?.. hmmmmm... I guess we'll have to stay tuned.

Basketball Wives. The entire episode for this isn't available yet (on VH1), but basically is a bunch of grown women acting like they're in high school and picking on the youngest girl (the dancer) Royce. I like Royce, and this little clip pretty much shows how the other women try and boss her around. If they minded their homes, maybe their men wouldn't cheat.

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