Drake Covers J. Dilla & Sells More Albums Than Jigga

Last night (June 22nd) Drake payed homage to one of hip hops late soldiers, J.Dilla. Drake was performing at the Microsoft’s Bing Event in Hollywood, and in the middle of doing his song “Show Me A Good Time”, he transition to J.Dilla’s verse from Slum Village’s “Climax”... Oh! & the record sales are in, Drake's "Thank Me Later" sold 492,989 albums in his first week. I know a lot of people hate on the kid, but I know artists who would kill for those kinda numbers. If each cd cost $10, he makes $5 off of every cd... And if I'm doing the math right he made close to $2.5 million (in a week). D-mn!
“Out in L.A. blowing clouds to the killer/ I came up in the underground though/ so I’ma spend another ten thousand for Dilla“

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