Lil Kim Performs With DMX in AZ

On Saturday (June 17th), Lil Kim was making rounds at the local AZ nightclubs... Lil’ Kim brought out DMX during her performance at Suede Nightclub in Scottsdale, AZ.... I used to be the biggest DMX fan, so it saddened me when he went to jail and was dealing with his drug issues... So, when I first saw this video, I was happy because here's an artist I respect trying to make a come back, but what isn't shown on this footage is DMX getting 'buck' off stage. From a few of my friends who were there, he was man-handling his girlfriend and busting threw the crowd like he was on something.... o_O. Not a good look for DMX if its true. (*Sidenote: You might want to turn the volume down before you press play.)

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