Are These Blogs Forreal?

A couple weeks ago on TMZ they had posted a article saying that Maya Angelou was deathly ill, and NBC News syndicated and aired the story based on TMZ's report. I read the story from NBC News, and was immediately stricken with grief to find out that one of my poetic inspirations was ill fated... I began tweeting people about Maya Angelou's grave state. One of the people I tweeted was, Grammy award winning rapper, Rhymefest. He too was moved by Maya Angelou's state... Hours fly by, and the story *develops... Only to find out, over 5 hours later, that the whole situation was a hoax. The story was false and Maya Angelou was fine. I tweeted Rhymefest, "TMZ and NBC lied... Maya Angelou has been at home all weekend, I guess there are no reliable sources anymore..." He responded, "You had me all f*cked up girl, you surreptitiously became one of those unreliable sources..."


Just this past week, there was a false report of Kanye West's demise due to a car accident. I read 4 blogs and a whole bunch of tweets claiming his death.. I nearly believed it until his girlfriend, Amber Rose, tweeted that the rumor was false.


As soon as I found out the rumor was false, the words "...surreptitiously became one of those unreliable sources..." echoed in my ears. All these blogs were claiming false things and there was no truth check to stop them. I read blogs to find out what is going on, and quite frankly, I'm tired of blogs that are based on foolishness. Opinions over cloud the truth, causing a tiny situation to turn into a huge game of "telephone"... But, how do we know who's reliable? Truth is, not matter how awesome the source, no one is 100% reliable. I used to think that TMZ was the most accredited, but blogs are like people, they make mistakes. So starting now, no more fallacies. First of all, unless there's a picture, a confirmed direct sources, or audio/video footage, don't believe it. Secondly, check your source against another reliable source. Thirdly, if the blog is highly opinionated and lacking in facts, let it be known. Let's stop believing the lies and enjoy the truth. Keep it 100.

- Miss Dimplez

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