The Lady La Calendar 2010

Power 98.3 Radio host x Fresh Fiends diva, Lady La just dropped a hot calendar, and she is donating half the proceeds go to Autistic research...

When people put things out, their true motivational factor will determine the latitude of their success. This lady is success bound. Lady La and friends collaborated to create The Lady La 2010 Calendar. Half of the proceeds go directly towards Autistic Research... Why Autistic research? Well, her quest was inspired by her youngest brother's autism diagnoses. Autism is a developmental disorder that appears within the first 3 years of childhood. It affects brain development, social capabilities and communication skills. 1 in every 150 children is diagnosed with Autism; the true cause is still unknown. To say this condition is becoming an epidemic is an understatement, but there's hope.

The calendar is $15, and here's what YOU can do to help... ((click here)) buy a calendar and support the cause... Then pass the link on.... post it on your blog, forums, email it out, tweet about it, put it on your facebook... etc. Do S0MetHiNg. Every little bit helps....
Thank you, in advance.
-Miss Dimplez

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