My Night With Rhymefest

I had the pleasure of catching up Rhymefest when he came into town... He's currently on tour with Rakim, and heavily trailblazing for his new album "El Che The Movement". 'Fest and I met up at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall, and I must say, on approach he's a real chill dude. An intelligent black man with a good, never ending, conversation... He came full fledged with that Chi-town lovin'... He's also a big grassroots proponent. He shows madd love to bloggers, local acts and all his fans. And for the show, he hooked me and a couple friends up with free V.I.P/backstage tickets to his concert. [Much obliged!]

The concert took place at the Venue of Scottsdale. I got to see him and Rakim live and in color. 'They' say Hip-Hop is dead, but I am here to tell you its not. Hip-Hop has simply been in hiding, and with this tour, its coming out of the closet. These fellas rocked it! From 'Fest's ode to Michael Jackson, to smash hit "Brand New", to him handing out beers to the crowd, everyone was in good spirits. Rakim, well, Rakim is the don of Hip-Hop and there is no doubt in my mind; he has still got IT. The man is awesome, he even had the 'snooty' white folks of Scottsdale bobbing their heads up and down and shouting out his lyrics. The concert was dope. The experience was incredible. And it was one of the best times I've had at a concert in a long time.

It was a super chill atmosphere... My homie Nayme Brand and I ended up in the middle of a rap battle between sets. Good people x good music = good times. The night carried on accordingly... and I can gladly say that I have found a new friend in 'Fest. Can't wait til he comes back to Arizona and/or I go to the Chi. Hopefully he comes back REALLY SOON, we've still gotta hit up LoLo's Chicken & Waffles and take some cold medicine.. Hahahaa [*inside joke]....
- Miss Dimplez

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