I Hear Screams!

Some girl in Connecticut, a teenager, heard her mother screaming during sex and assumed she was in danger and being assaulted. Instead of investigating her assumptions, aka, walking in on her moms, she rounded up four of her friends to attack her mother's supposed assailant. According to Torrington police, they all went into the bedroom and one of the five teens beat Roger Swanson, 25, with a baseball bat while the others punched him repeatedly. Roger was later taken to the hospital, treated for minor injuries and released that night. He suffered a black eye and several bruises, reports the Associated Press. "Apparently he didn't have time to explain himself," Torrington police Lt. Bruce Whiteley said. The woman's daughter, two 17-year-old boys and Dilyen Langdeau, 19, of Torrington, were arrested Tuesday night and charged with assault and conspiracy.

First on foremost I find this HILARIOUS... secondly that's so dumb they're being charged, she was just protecting moms... c'mon Connecticut, give the teens a break.
-Miss Dimplez

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