Mariah Carey Drunk at Awards Show

In her acceptance speech, Carey all but admitted she'd had too much to drink, saying, "Please forgive me because I'm a little bit... yeah (laughs) oh my goodness," before rambling on about reading the book 'Push' and being called a "kitten" and a "Queen to Diva." She closed by thanking the audience for listening to her "spiel."

Academy Award winner Sean Penn made fun of the Grammy Award winner after her exit. "I plan to do this [presenting an award] in absolute sobriety," Penn said. "Forgive me if I squeak." Carey's husband, Nick Cannon, who was billed to attend the event, was a no-show. Check out the video for yourself of Mariah Carey at the Palm Springs Film Festival Gala Dinner below.

Where the heck is Nick Cannon at?... Mannnn... Ima need Nick to come and control his wife with all this nonsense... *smh
- Miss Dimplez

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