Thirstiness is a Crime #throwback!

Urban Dictionary defines the word “thirsty” as desperately needing or wanting something you might be able to obtain, but not likely. In my book thirstiness is a crime.
"If I am a female, she must be a free whale, because there has to be a difference between her and me…” - Chillin’ the Conscious Poet…

[watch this video]

When your thirst causes you to do things like this free whale in this video… then its time for you to get some help..! Free whales like this make me look bad… Worst of all, she’s not shaking her goodies for a something private, like a video to your man or something, she uploaded this to… *shaking my head*… First and foremost, GO PUT YOUR KIDS TO SLEEP. Its a shame, towards the end it looks like her son is dancing with her? Its past his bed time!… PUT ON SOME CLOTHES. You don’t have to be in your drawls to be sexy. Especially when your drawls don’t match, that’s not hot.. & realistically if I wanted to stare at a woman shaking her goodies I would go to a strip club… and lastly… DRINK SOME WATER! Your thirstiness is killing me, and that’s a felony in the first degree…
- Miss Dimplez

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