Teen Boy's Mother Locks Him in Closet for 4 Yrs

First and foremost, I when I heard about this story, I thought it was a "yo mama" joke gone wrong. It wasn't until I watched the clip and read some more, that I saw the seriousness of this. The little boy was just 14! This mom, has issues.
Bernell McCall has finally had the chance to tell his story in a court of law. The name may be unfamiliar, but you'll remember his story. McCall is the Oklahoma teen who captured headlines last September when he escaped from his bindings and fled from the closet where he was being held. Nearly naked, starving and scarred, McCall fled to a National Guard compound where he told authorities that he had been imprisoned and tortured by his mother (LaRhonda Marie McCall, 37) and her boyfriend (Steve Vern Hamilton, 38) for years.

Watch the news clip:

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Mannnnn.... what is this world coming to?!
- Miss Dimplez

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