FAMU Sex Tape...

Last night word on the street was that girls from FAMU (Florida A & M University), had a sex tape of a group session released unbeknown to them... The video spread like a disease. There were rumors of the girls pressing charges because the video was released and they had no idea they were being filmed... well, I watched part of it, and from the camera movement, I am sure that they are aware they were being recorded. First and foremost, I have friends at FAMU, and these girls do not attend that university. The beds are real beds, and the walls are too white, this is NOT FAMU.... Secondly, the tape isn't all that. Way too much hype around it. Thirdly, with all the people interested in watching this tape, these cats could have made tuition/baller money off of it, but feel free to download at your own risk. [here]
FAMU porn

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