Dimplez Mail: Jail Made T.I. Soft..

Dear Miss Dimplez,
First off I love your site. I respect how you keep a little bit of everything on here, shit for the fellas and shit for the females, that's legit as fuck... Anyway I got a question, is it just me or has T.I. lost his edge? I'm a DJ and people be requesting his shit, but real talk I don't like his new shit. I mean I understand he went away to jail and all, but he's coming back weaker than ever. He used to be the GOAT, but I just can't feel his flow no more... I think jail made him soft. All these features and singles he keeps dropping ain't cutting it. The 'king' needs to take a step back and prove shit. Anyway, keep doing what you do miss.
DJ King Jones
I can't say that I don't agree. Ever since T.I.'s been out he has sounded a little different or maybe its because he's a been a year missing... you be the judge and check out his latest track, 'F.I.L.A.' by The-Dream ft. T.I. ♫ [Download Here]

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