The Life Anthology EP (Vol. 1) by Chris Classic

This is how an EP is done. Not only does it showcase the artist's different spectrum of musical delivery, but it also encompasses a concept as to the motivation behind the music... In case you don't know who Chris Classic is, he's a musician who has written music for a lot of movies and television shows. His most recent work includes tracks for the movie Just Wright, starring Queen Latifah and Common (in theaters now). He's film/television composition for about 10 years, and is just now putting out his first EP. And after a quick listen, I like it; "NY Go Go" is definitely a favorite... Its a 5 track EP, and a video clip is included... check it out.
"#Life is an amazing journey on which every traveler must find his own path. The Life Anthology represents all of the emotions, issues, high & lows any one person can go through in one day and sets them to a beat. Hip Hop has been omitted from contention when it comes to defining the average American life. This travesty has unfortunately alienated many rap/ hip hop fans who seek more than just doing a catchy dance or repeating a pathetically slurred chorus. In business, it has also distanced popular brands from really reaching the core of the hip hop community."

[Download Here]

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