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This site used to be the host server for entertainment blog (, but will now serve as the bulletin/announcement board of the work done by the group, artists we're working with.

Photo credit: Jai Lovehall; Model: J*Star
I have the pleasure of introducing you to La Vida Dimplez (L.V.D. or La Vida for short).... "La Vida" it's much more than what you do, it's about what people reference you for. "Dimplez" are something that you're born with which you harvest and use to your own benefit.
L.V.D. is a collective of hustle-minded bloggers, photographers, managers, graphic designers, publicists and more... that are dedicated to renewing the art in artistry. We create artist biographies, press releases, digital media kits, web design, event coverage, branding 101, marketing developmental, repertoire development, sponsor mixtapes, event promotion......etc
We use this blog to post music and things we find dope. Promote our artist or things we reckon with. Official press release available upon request.

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