Desmond 'Drop A See' Hatchett

I'm not one to put random joe's on blast very often... but this negro! He's 29 years old and has 21 babies with 11 different baby momz... Octomom ain't got nothing on this fool... It is said that the 21 are just one's he's had paternity tests to confirm... I believe he got at least 15 more kids out there. Such a shame... Oh! The best part is... since Desmond is working minimum-wage... his baby moms get $2 a month for child support! So OUR tax dollars paying for his fertile behind... He set the record and when they asked him did he plan on it, he said, “It just happened.”

Such a disappointment. In situations like THESE, government needs to sterilize his behind! Or better yet, no more sex... t'hehe, who am I playing, just use a condom! Man!

-Ms. Dimplez

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