Behind The Scenes: "Un-thinkable" by Alicia Keys

The behind the scenes for Alicia Keys' “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)". First and foremost if you have never heard this song, or are just getting hip to it, you are LATE. Though I in particular didn't feel as though Alicia Keys last cd (The Element of Freedom) was all that, it did have a couple hits. This song was written by Drake and has garnered so much attention her people decided it needed visuals. In the video they're taking on the theme of interracial dating from the past and present. Alicia's "love interest" is Chad Michael Murray, and the video is being directed by Jake Nava.
“Alicia is a true artist and I was very pleased that she was brave enough to go with this unusual concept. Together I believe we have done something new and important,” said Nava. “I hope people are entertained by this video, but that it also makes them think. Alicia was a joy to work with. I love her music and aimed to enhance her visual impact in the marketplace.”

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