New Video: What U Doin’? (Bull$#!@ing) by Big Sean

A few months ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Big Sean and share a few words, so its always exciting to see things we talked about come to fruition.
"I want my music to be the soundtrack to peoples lives. And my music isn't all serious, I have a lot of fun, just like people my age have a lot of fun. Going through different issues people go through from like young relationships to young love, or if you going through and just partying all the time, going through different phases, going through being broke, going through being young and starting to live that dream... It is all these different concepts that I incorporate in my music. One thing Kanye taught me to do is do it in a certain way. Keep it a certain level of lyricism, meaning a certain level of conceptual idea. I think that is one thing that I embody in my music, and I can't wait for everybody to hear it.." - Big Sean
(full interview here)
Check out the visual for his debut single off his forthcoming album Finally Famous, in stores Sept. 14.

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