"Give It To Me"

Rhymefest did this contest called the "Give It To Me" Contest. Basically he dropped a song sample, and left it open to any and all rappers to drop their verse, and the hottest at at the end of a certain span of time would be in the final version of the song. And let me tell you, some big 'L's, and I aint talking about Cool J, entered this contest. There are some nonesense rappers out there. Eventually the contest ended, so if you didn't enter the contest, YOU MISSED YOUR CHANCE. Congratulations to "Adad" for winning, hope when you hit the track you bring the *fiyah with you, but until then, check out what 'Fest spit.

Shout out to Konee Rok &+ Ruby Hornet, yall did your thing with this video. You gotta credit 'Fest &+ his team always hitting you with the subliminal. Check them out at ElCheTheMovement.com.
- Miss Dimplez

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