R.I.P. Grandma

Dear Grandma,
I've been thinking about you lately. Crying into my pillow daily. Staying up late at night, self-reflecting, wondering, would like me the way I am now? Would I still strike the bone of pride in you that you had for your grandchildren... I still remember, early December, 04, PV Community Center. We wore matching blue striped sweaters, they sang Christmas carols and we went to your senior center, together. And though I do not remember the Latin man's origin, I still remember, that he liked you. Wanting to wife you. And instead of telling him about your late husband and 9 children and how you just learned to write your name, you told him about me. You told him how I was bound to be a basketball or track star, and that I would go to college and graduate from medical school... You told him how many grades I skipped, how I explained the Lifetime movies we watched, and how you always saved me some V8 juice, because you know I liked it...

You were proud, of me, your little Ijeoma that always seem to drag her feet every time you would ask her to run an errand. Especially those times you would ask me to grab your purse when you were 5 feet away, and I was all the way upstairs. Truth be told, I used to pretend like I was sleeping, because I knew you would eventually get it for yourself. I would groan when you'd ask me to hop in the shower and scrub your back, make sure the timer to Judge Judy was on, or put sweet and low in your bag... I was hard headed, constantly rebelling against authority. It was that piece of my mother in me, and though we got the most reprimands, it just meant that you loved us the most... A couple nights ago, I prayed to God, begging him to send you back. I figured, maybe if I prayed hard enough, he'd send you, giving me just enough time to wrap my arms around you, just for a little while. Its been two years to the tee, and on nights like this it seems like I'm the only one who remembers you. I know the younger kids have forgotten you, but I will never forget you. And though, back then, my hard-head outshined my listening skills, I promise Mama, I was listening. I miss you, and will make you proud...

Rest In Paradise Grandma "Mama" Cecelia Ekhomu 12-14-07 ♥

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