Samuel L. Jackson Won't Get Naked For The Camera

We all know Samuel L. Jackson... Dude has been acting since 1972 and has never done anything naked. Not that I'm trying to see dude naked but, he's still "not ready" for it? huh? He's filming this movie ('Mother and Child') with Naomi Watts and they have this steamy 'love' scene, the director had to change the script because Sam wasn't prepared to go fully nude for the film role, and ended up doing the scene completely clothed. I mean compromise with a shirt or some boxers or something... If the nakedness was a morality issue I would understand, but there's something about an insecure 62-year-old man that doesn't sit well with me. What you hiding boo?
He said: "My manager and publicist have always told me, 'You have to find a film where you get the girl. We want women that look at you and go, 'Oooh.'' I was like, 'Yeah, right, never gonna happen..... There I was in bed with Naomi Watts. Maybe this will spark some whole new career arc for me. But I'm not ready for nudity. Believe me, you don't want to see all of me on a big screen. Naomi and I were going for it, but we kept most of our clothes on."

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