It's June 15th! All Drake Everything!

Today is June 15th, the release of Drake's second album Thank Me Later. I know it leaked onto the internet last week, but I'm sure it won't affect his numbers. One thing is sure, this is one day he'll never forget. Check out pieces of his interview that he did with Paper Mag on how he got "discovered", Degrassi/women, and speaks on his verse about Rihanna... Go cop that album!
"Jay-Z coming to Toronto meant every single person was going to be there, which meant the majority of the people in my life were there, and there was a big rumor around the city: Is Drake close enough to Jay where he would bring me out? And people were like, 'No, it would never happen.'"..... Well, it did happen. Not only did Jay-Z bring Drake out to perform on stage with him, he got to perform "Successful," in its entirety. "I'll never forget that. I must have looked in the eyes of 40 people I know in the first 20 rows," Drake says, "There were ex-girlfriends, guys who hated me, people who loved me, my mother -- and it was just like, 'This is it.'"

"Degrassi was some wild times," says Drake, "but things have gotten to the point where I can create my own pandemonium... it's a little more exciting now because it's like beautiful, grown women. Women I'd actually want to date..... I don't take my shirt off, I don't pride myself on the physical conditioning aspect of it," Drake says. "But I get on stage and I start singing the words to a song, and they do throw bras and panties. They do cry and faint, and I truly believe it has a lot do with my music."
Dream Date
“I addressed it on my album. It’s not a broken heart, it’s just for me, I’m in such a confident position that I’m almost numb to feeling small. It’s been so long since a woman has made me feel small and that’s a real emotion. When you want to be a part of a woman’s life and you are nervous, all of these things that maybe I was when I was 15 or 16,, it’s just been a while since I felt like that. I really looked at it as paying homage to her for giving me that feeling. I just respect her for bringing that feeling back for me because it was real. It was a real emotion.

Audio via Necole Bitchie

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