Maxwell & Jill Scott Tour CANCELLED

Its a sad-sad day for all my neo-soul fans out there... The remainder of the Maxwell & Jill Scott tour has been canceled. I didn't want to believe this when I first heard it but, its beginning to ring true.... I hope its not true..
My sources tell me that Maxwell had a little too much "diva-tude" for his co-tourees Jill Scott, and sometimes Erykah Badu.... o_O. ALSO, Max was a tiffed at the fact that Jill and Erykah would spend more than their 'alotted time' on stage.
I don't think I've ever been to a concert where a artist performing more than expected has been a bad thing; can't be mad at more bang for my buck... #DimplezShrug. Anyway, if you have tickets to the show dated after June 26th, start filling out forms for your refund while swooning over a snippet of their sets below...

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