Nelly + Life After Kat Stacks = Two New Albums

Nelly is just one of the multitude of rappers that were hit by the Kat Stacks thunderstorm, and quite frankly, I could care less about the details of that encounter. I'm just wondering if after that train-wreck of a publicity stunt Nelly can put out a viable album... Honestly, I feel as though it will be a struggle for him to put out one good album, let alone two. But this over achiever is going for the gold and is putting out two albums this year. Word is he's re-teamed up with his old group, the St. Lunatics and is working on an album with them called City Free, set to release July 27th. He is also working on his solo project called Nelly 5.0. The follow-up to 2008 flop, Brass Knuckles. Hopefully this one's a winner, especially with features from T.I., Diddy, Akon, Kelly Rowland, and more.
"I got some talented producers like Dr. Luke and Polow Da Don. I got my man Rico Love. I got Smash Factory, which is T.I.’s production company. Me and Tip did a joint that was crazy. I got Don Vito again featured on the album. I got Murphy Lee, Puff’s on the album. My little brother City [Spud] is on the album. We’re actually about to release the first single in a week or two. It’s called “Tippin’ in the Club.”..." [via RapUp.ocm]

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