Why Lil Kim Might Never TRULY Speak On Nicki Minaj..

Lil Kim will most likely never sit down and saying her real feelings on Nicki Minaj, because until she has a current solid project to stand on, we will readily disregard her. Just like when SOHH.com sat down with Eve, who is also working on her comeback album, she said, "She definitely is a quirky chick...." What that really means is let me drop this album and we'll see whats really good.... Truth be told all these female rappers that are on the re-up, won't throw blows until they have a current project to stand on: Eve, Da Brat, Lil Kim... Luckily, Lil Kim was recently signed to Jay-Z's label, Roc Nation. No word on when to expect the project, but the word is Jay-Z is executive producing it... But, until we get the project, we'll just have to settle for subliminal disses like this...
"I love the wigs and everything but…I’m so above them!"

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