Demi Moore Ends Slavery by Twitter Policing Kim Kardashian

According to Demi Moore when "we" stop gloryfying pimp culture we'll end slavery. "Well, yessah master, I did-ent know I'se supposed to remain a slave until the pimpin' stopped..." *smh..... She feels as though twitter policing folks like Kim Kardashian for saying 'pimpin' and making a list on twitter will end slavery... *ahem* ATTN DEMI MOORE: WE'RE FREED. What is left turning about is slave rhetoric and white supremacy, but then again you can't "fix" something you contribute to. As for the "pimping" that is a universal problem. But then again, how would you know? As you tweets from her multi-million dollar house, with her multi-million dollar white husband, and no colored folks in sight...



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