Kat Stacks EXPOSED

If you haven't heard about the internet floosy aka Kat Stacks well let me educate you a little bit. She is a disturbed young woman who made a blog [KatStacks.com] and posted stories about her using twitter and meeting celebrities and having sex with them. Watch this video and gage her literacy/incompetence...

So last night someone from Joe Budden TV hacked her twitter to find out if what she had be bragging about REALLY happened... SHE WAS LYING. tweeter @IsThisKene, had an email conversation with her, exposing her and her lies. She claims to be paid to make up these stories. I personally think she is simply a compulsive liar who wanted 15 minutes of fame.

R.I.P. Kat Stacks claim to fame. We need to stop making chicks like this relevant.

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