Alicia Keys - Confirms Pregnancy

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No need to further speculate representatives for the couple confirmed the news Thursday night that Grammy award winner Alicia Keys and her producer boyfriend Swizz Beats are expecting their first child together ( Swizz has two children from previous marriage) . The couple have been together for some time now and news has also broke that they're engaged to be married in a small ceremony later this year. Alicia Keys is currently headlining her tour over seas , and Swizz is producing for artist such as "Beyonce" and "Jay z". A lot of you may be familiar with the story because Swizz , ex wife Mashonda wasn't so happy with Keys even blaming her for their spilt in which Swizz took to his twitter to denounce the claims. A lot of fans dismissed Keys after the story broke labeling her a home wrecker. Either way, congratulations to Alicia and Swizz for their upcoming nuptials and the baby on board.

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