Common Wants To Wife & Impregnate Serena

Rapper turned actor Common is really serious about his relationship with Serena Williams, he dishes with Ellen Degeneres on how he would like to put ring on it and make a baby. Serena and Common have been dating for about two years now, and seem pretty serious about each other... Word on the street is, Common is so 'emotionally involved' in their relationship, while sitting court side at one of her tennis matches, nothing else matters but his lady...
"I sit there and I'm just tense and people try and talk to me and I tell them to be quiet. I was sitting next to Richard Branson and I didn't pay attention. I don't care who is there I'm focused on this tennis match.... I definitely want to get married. I would love to get married and have kids."..
I don't know whether to take that as cute or obsessive... -blink-blink-

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