Wale's "Letter" Really Belongs to Rhymefest

"I need everyone to know! Wales song 'Letter' was mine! He and whoever else took it rapped on the beat used my title and theme and leaked it. The song 'Letter' was originally slated for my J Records El Che release. I was planning to use it for my upcoming March album release. The track was Originally produced by Animal House and Mark Ronson replayed it and we put John Mayer on it. Wale just jacked it.... I'm not looking for rapper beef. I just thought yall should know when you hear his it ain't really his." - Rhymefest
"Letter" by Rhymefest ft. John Mayer

I guess the 'confusion spurred from both Rhymefest and Wale working out of Allido studios, so both of their music was accessible by each other. So I wondered, did Wale know that he was jacking someone's song? He had to have known that the track belonged to someone else, and even if he didn't, he should have been concerned when he realized the concept of the song was already in place... especially when Wale's been claiming his entire cd was original.

Rhymefest said, "I asked Wale about it, called him up personally. His reply was basically I ain't know you were using it Mark gave it to me...."

"This is Hip Hop and that's how youngins get down... I ain't mad at him I got joints and I'm used to shit like this happening to me. But I just want yall to know. I'm not on Allido anymore I had to step away. honestly they did Wale wrong too. Mark didn't even work with him. Mark and Wale are both responsible. I'm tired of young black men being the fall guys when we should stand up for what's right. I'll keep it moving no diss records no beef I'll say what's up and keep going..." - Rhymefest (El Che)

Kudos to 'Fest for not trying to start beef. I'm sick and tired of rappers beefing, but I am disappointed in transaction that occurred. Wale, I am disappointed.
- Miss Dimplez

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