Advice Letter: My Man Is Always Tweeting Other Women

Dear Miss Dimplez,
My boyfriend seems to be always tweeting random twitter girls... He's always flirting with them on the computer with winky faces and excessive "lol"s. And these girls '@-reply' him with hashtags like 'twitter lover' or 'twitter crush'. And he doesn't respond to them by telling them he's involved, he simply says "thank you". That cocky little b*stard. He tweets them all the time. I know you'll probably think I'm over reacting but I barely get to spend time with my man as is. His job requires a lot of travel, and he's always on the move. Yes he does use twitter for some of his business work, to promote his site/clients, and stuff, but these girls on twitter are ruthless. Half of them probably don't even know we're in a relationship or that he's taken. This makes me worried because if I can't trust him under my nose, what should I expect from the times I'm not there. Should I confront him? Should I make him quit twitter? Is it time for us to go our separate ways?
Girl Who Thinks Her Man Is Excessively Tweeting

Dear Girl Who thinks Her Man Is Excessively Tweeting
Twitter is a social networking site, and is meant for people to interact. I believe you're overreacting. To me it sounds like you have what I like to call "internet jealousy". I'm not saying you're a jealous person, I'm just saying that you must feel as though you have to compete with the internet for his affection. You're not able to spend as much time with your "boo" as you'd like, so when you turn to internet/social networks as a substitute, you have to share that space with 'random twitter girls'. Its not the tweets/followers on twitter that matter, its the people who are still there when you turn off the computer. I understand your situation must be hard being that he travels a lot, but you have to keep in mind that the internet is not a private place for you and your honey to be alone. There are billions of people on the internet and I'm sure that all those billions of people don't know you and your boo are dating. With that being said, when he's promoting his work on twitter, sending smiley faces and "lol"s it should never be taken to mean anything past a promotion of work. Never assume. Men are not mind readers, so I'm sure that he has no idea how you're feeling. I can suggest that you talk to him about your feelings and also, try not to be jealous when it comes to his tweets. It's okay for him to tweet other people, when he logs off the computer, there's only one person he's 'tweeting'.
- Miss Dimplez

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