Kiely Is Not So "Spectacular"

A few days ago, Kiely (from Cheetah Girls/3LW), came out with a video for her song that she released like 6months ago called "Spectacular"... The song is about her drinking at a bar, freaked some random dude, and he could "get it again if he wanted to"... The song to me is a blatant cry for help or attention. If you're serious about your singing career and can't write, go find Ester Dean or Keri Hilson, so they can write FOR you... Anyways, a few days after she dropped the video, heard the critiques of the people and how the video was not appreciated, she responded saying that music videos don't have to make sense and that just because she sings about it doesn't mean that's what she does, and that we "shouldn't shoot the messenger". Watch.

First off, I thought some songs don't have a meaning or message, so if there's no message, how are you the messenger? #hmmmmm... Not singing about what you do, condone or support is blatant disrespect to all the artists that pour their heart and soul into their music videos...

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