♫ New Music: Christina Aguilera, Ciara

Written by JLont@e for MissDimplez.com

Christina Aguilera has teamed up for a hot collaboration with Nicki Minaj, the song is said to be from the recording sessions for Christina's new album Bionic in stores June 8th, The song has a nice beat and Ms. Aguilera rides the song well with her vocal execution and Nicki Minaj brings it to completion with her take on a Jamaican accent.
Download: Christina Aguilera f/ Nicki Minaj-WooHoo

Ciara has teamed up with Danja for a track recorded recently during sessions for her new album Basic Instinct. The song is called "This is what love is". It isn't what Danja usually produces but what we typically hear from Ciara.

Download: Ciara "This Is What Love Is"

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