Christina Aguilera: Bionic Disappoints

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Diva Christina Aguilera has been on a non-stop media circuit promoting her new album 'Bionic' yet all the publicity did not help her land in the top spot on this weeks Billboard music charts. The album made its debut at # 3 with a mere 111,838 albums sold, landing Christina her worse debut and first week album sales in her entire 10 yr, Career. A lot of people would say that this is a reasonable amount sold and that would be true if this was a new upcoming artist , but not an artist like Christina. Unfortunately this time around the fans just didn't stand behind her music, and it could be because the huge comparisons between her and Lady Gaga. The album was plagued from day one and certainly Christina and her team should have waited a bit longer to get a single that had radio and video appeal. Maybe they relied on the belief that Christina's fans through the years would still be waiting in the wings. They couldn't have been more wrong the numbers don't lie.
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Christina performing the National Anthem at game 6' of the NBA finals.

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