Christina Aguilera Prostpones Tour

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It seems as if I may be the only fan who still holds love for Christina Aguilera. It has been reported by Live Nation that Christina's upcoming "Bionic"tour has been postponed. This comes just a day after the album in full leaked on nearly every internet blogging site. After a lackluster single "Not myself tonight" and the 2nd single effort "Woo Hoo" ft Nicki Minaj failing to catch up to the heavy weight contenders on itunes. I'm quite shocked that the label isn't going back to the table with this album and re-working the whole thing. It's been some time since Aguilera put out an album and I was sure her fans had missed her, but her appeal has diminished since Lady Gaga hit the scene hard.
"I personally feel that the two are on different playing fields but the numbers clearly don't lie."
Vocally Christina is still the beast we knew her to be and yes I have listened to the album and I do believe she has some hit potential but do the fans care anymore, has she lived out her days of being on top?

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