How I Made Soulja Boy Quit Twitter

So i was on twitter minding my own business stating my highly opinionated opinions and what not. Nothing out of the ordinary. Eventually started going in on the trending topic which was '#lies'. Being the witty person that I am... I start tweeting little things like "'hopped out the womb, turned my swag on' @souljaboytellem #lies"... i did a few renditions like that. As sson as I sent my tweets, Soulja Boy says "I'm taking a break from twitter for a couple of months."... So here I am thinking, I made Soulja Boy quit because I keep it 100. It took me a while to believe, at first I though dude was joking, until all the Soulja Boy fanatics on my follows started tweeting 'omg soulja boy quit twitter' and things like that.... Next thing you know, this dude replies me saying, "lol. they make me quit twitter? lol". HE'S BACK. i guess he only took a break to kush.
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Miss DimplezMiss Dimplez
Miss Dimplez Miss Dimplez

Morale of the story: Keep it 100 at all times. Even if that means, calling out a multi-millionaire on his lyrics via twitter. They are listening. And I have the tweets to prove it. Even if he doesn't really quit the rap game on your behalf, you can whole heatedly say you tried... =*]
-Miss Dimplez

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