Blame It On My Ex Mixtape by Sam I Am

"Blame It On My Ex" Mixtape by Sam I Am[Download Here]
The Intro - The intro was hot.. "Its not because of you, its ins spite of you". No lie, took a bit to grab my attention, but really started vibing towards the end... Its Proven - The song dragged a little big in the beginning, but picked up the pace just before I lost interest. The verse by Nayme Brand was fire. The chorus was hot too.... Call of Duty - One of the hardest songs on the 'tape. "You aint know? I'm an f*ing nerd, playing Call of Duty, gone off the herb.." I've never heard a nerd bang so hard!... American Dream - Is one of them joints that'll have to grow on me, because I'm not feeling it too much off the jump... Take Me Away - A relateable song. I was feeling it. Wished the joint was longer though... Stupid Girl - A lil diddy, had some knock the taste back into your mouth one-liners... "Until she hit me up w/ that Mickey Dee's slogan, Like I'm lovin' it, yeah I'm loving you..." #2ndfavesong... Cuddie & Spaceship - There joints you could possibly find on my ipod. oh &+, Zai aka the dude who sang the joint on Cuddie is cold... Last Call Definitley a change of pace from the rest of the 'tape. Lowkey reminiscent of Drake's "Say Whats Real". But I like the joint. #favesong... Outside Insane - An over produced use of Keri Hilson's "Slow Dance". And I love that beat, but it lost me when I had no idea what was being said except, "Outside Insane"... Best Friends - Was alright. Had a super plain yet crisp hook thought.. "Girl I gotta get ya"... Take A Bow - Sam I Am came with it. I feel as though this track should have been one of the first joinbts on the 'tape. It bumped up my respect just a little bit... Lovers Beautiful - Easy listening. Reminiscent of a rave, but thats the kinda music that I like. I could cruise to this joint, but not the 'average' mixtape material.
Overall I rate the mixtape a "B-".
The 'tape was cool. There were a few unfinished joints, but on the other hand there were a couple bangers. With this 'tape I would definitely take another listen to and see if I form new opinions... Keep grinding. Don't hold back nothing back. And next time come harder.
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- Miss Dimplez

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