Paid: Rihanna... the Socialite?!

You know what, I can't even be mad at Rihanna for this. I think the club is retarded, but Rihanna, a smart cookie... Word on the street is Rihanna was paid $45k to just show up at a party in the UK. Como se dice, "Paid"?!... According to the UK's Daily Mirror, this is the same club that paid 50 Cent to just show up. They don't have to sign any autographs, kiss any babies, nothing... Though Rihanna wasn't paid as much as 50 Cent... $45,000 is more than enough for me! It does make me wonder.... how much DID they paid 50?... #hmmmm. P.S. In looking at the pictures, didn't know RiRi needed that much help getting out of a car... o_O?

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