Advice Letter: I Can't Stand My New Boo...

Dear Miss Dimplez,
My boyfriend and I have only been dating 10 days, and I already want to end the relationship. It's not like he's psycho or anything. Actually he's really nice to me, but there are no sparks! I just know he's not the one for me, so why waste my time on something that won't last? When we kiss he is overly aggressive, and I have to wipe the spit off my face! It's so gross. My problem is my sister is dating his older brother, and they would be mad if I broke his heart. Also, I love his whole family and don't want them to hate me for hurting him. It seems cruel to break up with him so soon. Should I try to get him to break up with me? Dating is really complicated, but I know this is not working. Please, please, please help me!
Girl Who Can't Stand Her Boo

Dear Girl Who Can't Stand Her Boo,
Break up with him, and FAST. There is no rule that says you have to date for a certain amount of time before you can end a relationship. I understand that you don't want to break his heart, that you love his family, your sister and his older brother got a thing, but you're the one in this relationship. You and him are the only ones that actually matter. The longer you remain in the relationship the more his feelings have time to grow for you. It would be more crushing then to end it than it is now. So, if this relationship is not something you want to be in, end it.
- Miss Dimplez

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