Advice Letter: My Ex Trapped Me!

Dear Miss Dimplez,
I am currently going through a divorce, negotiating out my settlement, and it's taking a year and half. So I started a relationship with another woman, after all I am a man with needs and I am legally separated. About four months ago, I was dropping off my 2 kids, and my ex begged me to stay for a while. At first I was suspicious but, I figured she wanted to talk to me about something pertaining my children. She begged me to have sex with her one last time, and she swore she would leave me alone forever if I did this. She desperately begged, begged, and begged. So I did. About a month later, she told me she was pregnant. Under the circumstances I thought she should be devastated, but she seemed happy. But this new woman, I've known her for six years, and we connect on all levels. But I've lost her trust. I don't know if she still wants to be with me. She's been having a difficult time in getting through this. What should I do?
Foolish Man

Dear Foolish Man,
The fact that your ex begged you for sex should have been an indicator that she was up to something. She's happy about the pregnancy because it was intentional. Your ex trapped you. A new baby is another way for her to gauge money from your pockets and spend additional time with you. At the same time, consider if reconciliation with your ex is possible, for the sake of your 3 children. As for this new woman, give her some space. You cheated on her with your ex. From her stand point, there is nothing stopping you from leaving her and going back to her ex. That insecurity can be overwhelming. Let her decide if she wants to be with you or not. If she does, do whatever you can to earn her trust back. Become a man of your word, be un-foolish.
- Miss Dimplez

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